Federal reputation management in the euro crisis

Doing what I do for a living, I can’t help looking at the current euro crisis from a corporate communications perspective as well, and I am wondering what kind of positioning strategy some of the key players are pursuing.

Several governments have spent plenty of effort on making the point that, without immediate external support, they are completely helpless, incapable of taking a turn for the better by themselves, for by and large being unfortunate victims to external circumstances.

Try to think of any company wanting to position itself along those lines. To create an image as a natural-born victim, incapable of taking matters in their own hands, depending on others (including their own competitors) to keep chugging along, lacking relevant innovation as well as a longer-term vision – who would want to join this company? How would they attract and retain top talent? Who, except for the occasional impulse of mercy, would want to buy from them? Who would invest in this venture? How would their reputation score against industry benchmarks?

It’s difficult to imagine any corporation choosing this approach as a strategy, isn’t it? So I wonder what this means for those countries’ reputation in the longer term – since, I guess, in some way they will need to attract and retain talent, and investments, and build general goodwill as well.

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