Gartner Communications featured in Holmes Report’s Trend Forecast 2015

We’re proud to have been featured in Holmes Report’s Trend Forecast 2015 with reference to new, virtual forms of consulting networks enabling global PR for small and mid-sized companies at reasonable cost (such as our own, InfiniteLatitude).

Here’s the outtake:

5. New agency models

For some time, independent midsize agencies have been stealing market share from the multinationals in local markets, but can they provide the same international coverage? Some firms are looking for creative solutions.

“The web is not only changing communication tools and strategies, it also helps new virtual forms of consulting emerge,” says Ulrich Gartner, head of Germany’s Gartner Communications. “Many small and medium sized companies have gone international, yet were hesitant to internationalize their corporate communications as they couldn’t quite find the adequate structures for it. The large networks’ offerings are often oversized for their specific needs, and managing a bunch of local providers is complex.

“What we’re now seeing is the emergence of virtual networks that cooperate online, via free tools such as Skype, Slack or similar, and flexibly bring together the expertise required in specific markets, at basically no infrastructure cost hence highly competitive rates.”

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