Case Study International Public Relations

International Public Relations for a Technology Leader

1. Summary

Gartner Communications is managing corporate communications across four European markets for Embraco, a world leader in hermetic refrigeration compressors based in Joinville, Brazil.

2. The Assignment

As part of its global growth strategy, Embraco aims at fostering its reputation as a leader in innovation, technology and sustainability among key stakeholders in the European appliance and professional cooling and climate industry. France, Germany, Italy, and Russia were chosen as key markets for implementation.

3. Our Approach

We have first developed a conceptual framework for Embraco’s pan-European storytelling, followed by the creation of a cross-country infrastructure and related processes. Based on our international partner network, InfiniteLatitude, we now drive continuous media relations, as well as stakeholder and issues management where applicable, in the abovementioned markets. Forming part of Embraco’s global agency roster, we also provide a regional perspective to the client’s strategic communications planning process.

4. Results

Within less than a year, Gartner Communications managed to establish an outstanding level of exposure across relevant trade and general media in all four markets, including a number of personal interviews with top management, and exclusive features.

Jointly with Embraco’s global PR team, we have received the most prestigious Brazilian PR recognition, an Aberje Gold Award, for “best international communication” in 2014 for a global product launch.

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